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Updated: Jan 5, 2023

The process of planning, designing and building a home remodel or addition can be extremely challenging, even under the best of circumstances.

What comes first? The design? The budget? The contractor? In a word: NO. None of these, not at first.

What should come first is a PROGRAM, which is a fancy word for your wishlist. But not just a list, but a prioritized, detailed description of what you need, desire and even

aspire to.

What is missing in your home now? Is it just space, or is it function or flow or natural light or good ventilation? Is the home functionally obsolete or just dated? Does it need a facelift or a reconstruction?

Does the inside connect well to the outdoors? Does the structure take advantage of its site potential (solar access, views, prevailing breezes, etc.)

When you put your Program together you should consider not only the practical elements but also the emotional , aesthetic and kinesthetic. How do you want to feel in the new space? Are you seeking comfort, security, freedom, serenity, fun?

Your environment can become an extension of your personality and adapt to how you want to live. All too often, we adapt to our environment simply because as humans, that is one of our primordial traits.

Regardless of how you decide to proceed, what the budget will be and who you will hire to help you design and build your dream home,

the PROGRAM is the best place to start.

To download a free PROGRAMMING GUIDE click the link below.

For additional topics such as how to prepare an initial budget, how to figure out if you need an architect and how to select one and how to select a contractor as well, click the link to our BLOG

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