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Construction Management Services


Construction Management Services are most commonly used in large, complex commercial and institutional projects to ensure that all parties perform as contractually obligated and that the project is completed as designed and on-time and within budget.


However, sometimes these same services can help improve the flow of a residential project that is not proceeding as intended.  There are many reasons that could account for delays and disputes.  Not all would be resolvable by including CM Services.  However, sometimes the addition or inclusion of an independent expert can help all parties navigate the process without resorting to threats of litigation.


At other times, a client may be unable to be present during the construction and may desire that an architect/construction manager observe and review the progress of the work on a weekly basis.  The scope of the services are tailored to the client’s needs and concerns but usually involve the following:


  • Schedule Oversight and Updates

  • Budget Oversight and Updates

  • Financial Review and Approval:  GC Payment Requests and COs

  • Requested Material and Method Substitutions

  • Changes to the Scope of Work

  • Changes due to Site Conditions

  • Changes due to Unforeseen Circumstances or Events


Our Construction Management Services can range from a 1hr consultation to discuss a specific client concern to full project-wide oversight for the balance of the project.


For continuous CM Services our fees are commonly structured as monthly retainers for the duration of the project.  If you would like more information, send me an email directly, briefly explaining your situation and concerns, and I will respond so that we can schedule a 1hr Consultation for $325.00.



EMAIL:      REF:  CM Services

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