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Before you remodel your home…


Wherever you live in the coastal areas of California you enjoy one of the finest climates in the world.


But most of the homes built here are styles and building types imported from the East Coast or the MidWest.  Yes, some adaptations are often made, such as eliminating basements and attics**, but the basic shape, site relationship and internal distribution is often unchanged.


The result is that many (really most) of the production homes built in both Northern and Southern California do not take advantage of our beautiful climate and natural environment.  We have a front lawn (really?) and a rear “yard”.  Why?


So when you consider remodeling your home, consider whether you are going to improve its indoor/outdoor relationship.


  • Is the house going to have a better physical flow between inside and out?


  • Are you going to have greater transparency and natural light?


  • Are you going to take advantage of natural breezes and ventilation?


  • Do you really need more space or just more flexible space that can open up to the outdoors when desired?


A common approach (which looks great in pictures) is to remove an exterior wall and install a bank of sliding or folding doors.  As attractive (and expensive) as that is, it is often not practical.  Often only one leaf (one door segment) is used 90% of the time.  It also creates significant challenges for organizing the interior spaces unless the area is quite large.


The solutions vary with the client’s lifestyle and preferences but that is why before you begin the design process you should consider speaking with me for a free 30 minute consultation on the general considerations for improving the use and enjoyment of your future home, both inside and out.

Ask yourself:  How do I want to feel in my new home?


We are specialists in INDOOR/OUTDOOR LIVING.





















* Note:  This is not a Design Consultation.  It is a discussion of your goals relative to the principles of Open Design. If you are interested in an analysis of how to maximize the benefits of indoor/outdoor living for your upcoming remodel or new home, we will conduct a Needs and Options review that will address the opportunities while incorporating the unique attributes of your site.


**Basements are a byproduct of foundations that need to be below the frostline.  Attics are the result of steep roof pitches needed to dislodge the snow.

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