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I am not satisfied with my:   


  • Design


  • Process


  • Budget/Cost


  • Communication


What should I do?


We offer a Free 20 Zoom Consultation:  We will tell you if and how we can help with your issue(s).


We are experts in analyzing designs to ensure they meet your objectives and desires

We are experts in recommending changes or modifications if necessary, sometimes only minor tweaks can have significant impacts


We can be objective and focus on your goals without bias or prejudice


We can Help!


If the design is the issue:


We will meet with you and discuss your program and scope of work as well as the project constraints


We will then review the plans and specifications to analyze their conformance and suitability


We will make recommendations, where warranted, on changes or modifications to better address your objectives as well as looking at site utilization, efficiency, practicality and design optimization.


Unless the style and appearance of the design is an issue with you, we will not recommend changes.  We will give you our insights, if asked….


The price for this service will vary depending on the scope of the project.  We will quote you a fixed price for the Review and Recommendation Study after our initial consultation.


If the process is the issue:


We will review  both the history and current status of the project with you to determine if there are missing or problem areas.  We will also discuss with you the current structure and composition of the project team to help determine if there are areas of concern that should be addressed.


We will make recommendations on how to improve the process or resolve existing conflicts or bottlenecks.  We will review the means and channels of communication to ensure the project can proceed in a more fluid and organized manner.


We will offer advice on how to avoid further problems and or delays


This Consulting Service is usually provided on an hourly basis at $325.00/HR with an 10 hr minimum.



If the Cost or Budget is the issue:


We will review the budget, cost to date, change orders if any, and remaining work to be done and provide our expert opinion on whether there are legitimate issues or concerns.  We will not give you an opinion with a bias toward anyone including you, the client.  We will give you an unvarnished view as to how this project compares with similar other local projects that we have done.


We will offer ideas and suggestions that could result in reducing remaining costs as well as the overall construction budget.  We will also offer suggestions, where warranted, on reducing change orders and also reducing their total cost.


We will offer examples of how to save money on the three key areas under a client’s control:


  • Finishes

  • Fixtures

  • Furnishings


By offering examples of different levels of quality and expense, significant savings are feasible in the latter stages of construction.


This Consulting Service can be a one-time assessment or an on-going consultation process.  The fee will depend on the scope and duration of the services rendered. We will provide a proposal after our initial consultation.



To schedule an ASK THE EXPERT CALL, click the button below:

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